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Well, its been a slightly eventful week if I’m honest. Last Sunday, I was walking Tintin and I noticed a scab thing on his nose (he had a leaf stuck to his tongue and was having issues removing it, so that’s when I noticed it) I ask at home if anyone remembered him cutting his nose and no one did. On Monday I left work early and took him to the vet where he ended up with eye drops (over productive tear ducts lead to eye infection) antibiotics for the nose and tear cleaner stuff.

Wednesday was SnB, and a teaching exercise – Rebecca was learning to pick up stitches for her cardigan border, lol. I was splashing out with a Belgian chocolate cheesecake with my tea (those things are expensive but soooo nice) and I was knitting my dad’s socks (I think, too much on the go at the minute) Jolene arrived and gave me a bunch of lovely red tulips because of the whole Donegal thing – they are currently on my windowsill and are all lovely! Tulips are one of my favourite flowers (sunflowers and big daisies are the others) so it was a big surprise to get them. She also gave me my Christmas present – a kit to learn to knit gloves! Gloves are scary cuz of the fingers, lol.

Thursday was an interesting day. I took Siobhan to my old school’s open day. She’s going to be doing this new test thing in November and spends all her time watching tv (which is ok) but when you’re having issues reading, you really should practice. So in order to kinda drive the hint home, I took her to the open night to let her see where she could go if she practices her reading – she loved it! We went to look at the Duke of Ed display and found photos of me from 1996 when we were on our practice day… those photos were so funny but the funniest bit was the student who brought us over to them called his friend over to see that “this girl’s in these pictures and they’re so old!” which was just hilarious, lol.  She was particularly impressed with the CSI experiments in the chemistry labs and the burning paper in physics, the canoes in the swimming pool and the fact that there was a swimming pool on school grounds!

Friday was, all in all, a very scary day indeed! Nicky was undoing my dad’s jumper, but after 3 hours only one row was done (cuz it was not ripping out at all) so we took the scissors to it and cut the ribbed bit off!! I then sat the rest of the weekend and did 3 inches of 1x1 rib, had him try it on last night and he wants it longer still. It’s going to take a while until the thing is finished again and it’ll use an extra 2 balls too.

Saturday was a knit ‘n’ Dvd day – Superhero Edition, lol. Guess what I watched then, lol? It was also the car’s MOT day and I had my dad bring it (cuz I was afraid it would fail, lol) but my fear was unnecessary – it passed! It does however need a few new tyres (front driver has a nail in it and therefore slow puncture, and front passenger has low treads) But they can wait til I get paid.

Sunday was Knit ‘n’ Harry Potter day with Siobhan. I had a scout planning meeting to go to in the evening, but it was cancelled (again) at the last minute. George is hopeless. So Martin and I are having a planning meeting tomorrow night in his house instead.  I’ve managed to get the leather for the leather crafting badge so at least that’s something with a week or two sorted.

Right now, I’m really tired. I starting rereading Twilight last Monday night and had it finished by Wednesday at about 10.30. Instead of going to sleep like a normal person, I started New Moon and finished it at 2am on Sunday morning. I’m really not used to these late nights and have been like a zombie in work all week… and it’s most likely going to continue since the Eclipse and Breaking Dawn are on their way to me now, lol. I’m going to try and be good with these two, and not stay up to all silly hours of the morning reading them, lol.

I watched “Enemy at the Gates” last night, the last SGA episode. I think it would have been MUCH better if it had been spread over 2 episodes and had things explained more thoroughly i.e wormhole hyperdrive thingy. Too much happened too quickly for my liking. But its all over now, what can I watch now on a Friday?!?

Also watched “Family Remain”, the new Supernatural episode. Loads of people were saying how creepy it was, I didn’t feel that at all, I was a bit bored. Maybe I need to watch it on the big tv and not be seaming the baby cardigan at the same time, lol. But it was nice to see Dean, Sam and the Impala again

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